Give Your Casual Style an Upgrade

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Easy-wearing, comfortable smart outfits that elevate your casual style. Casual does not mean frumpy or undone. It is mixing polished pieces with casual elements, layering with fun accessories and unique shoes. This kind of outfit is perfect for running errands, going to lunch, shopping or any casual outing. Step one is going beyond a shirt or top and jeans. A … Read More

Casual Outfit Formulas

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We love the coziness winter brings, from lounging at home to being cozy at a friends house. It is easy to wake up, put on a sweatshirt and leggings and go. But you often feel “undone” and not good about yourself because you did not fully get dressed. We are taking the stress out of getting dressed this winter with … Read More

Low Key Chic Summer Style

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Casual summer style is easy to achieve with a few style tips. Whether heading to a party, brunch, sightseeing or a day/night on the town, look put together without trying to hard for low key chic summer style. Style Tips: Intermix dressy pieces with casual for a laid back look. Examples denim or cotton shorts with a silk or chiffon … Read More