Men’s Summer Style: Intermixing Plaid, Stripes & Prints

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Every man owns plaid & striped shirts.  But how you wear them is what catches people’s eye.  Intermix stripes with plaid, paisley and geographic prints for a rich look.  Step away from blasé by layering prints and patterns that play off each other and coordinate not match.  Wear 2-3 prints, such as stripes, plaid, and paisley, together to add dimension or … Read More

How To Wear Men’s Prints In 3 Different Ways

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The key to wearing men’s prints is not to wear one print head-to-toe but to intermix prints to have depth in your style.  Plaid, stripes, paisley, and geographic prints should layer with complimentary colors, such as greens, blues, and yellows, in the prints.  Sizing of the prints should play off each other with larger prints worn with smaller prints to … Read More