7 Insider Tips From A Personal Stylist

7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, Divine Style, Kelley Kirchberg

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Do you ever fall in love with a clothing item, buy, love it and discover you don't know how to wear it or what to put it with? When it comes to creating stylish, easy-to-wear outfits, finding key pieces that you can style and wear in multiple ways is key. Having styled both men and women for over a decade, in their closets, dressing rooms, etc. this is the golden styling rule. A wardrobe filled with great basics + accessories makes it easy to get dressed.

As promised, below is our list of 7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist. Thank you for subscribing to Divine Style. We are glad you are a part of our styling community. -Fashionably Yours, Kelley



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, men's bottom pieces,  divine style
7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, women's bottom pieces,  divine style
Finding that perfect bottom piece, a pair of well-fitting denim, trousers that smoothly glide down the leg to those 5-pocket pants that feel so comfortable but give that polished look truly are the base of any outfit. If you've done a personal fitting or been in a dressing room for a try-on session with us, you know the value in having that "killer" bottom piece. Once you find the right bottom piece, pairing with a great shirt, top or blazer becomes much easier giving a great foundation for what to wear.



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, master the art of tailoring, divine style
7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, master the art of tailoring, divine style.jpg
This might seem obvious, but many of us have pieces in our closet that need alterations so you never wear them (or worse, wear them when they don't fit you well). A tailored look and style instantly elevates you. From well-fitting jeans and blazers to shirts, blouses, dresses and t-shirts, owning pieces that fit your build is essential as is tweaking or altering clothing so that you achieve that perfect fit and style. Nothing looks worse than pants or trousers that billow towards the ankles. Hem those bringing the shoes you wear with it to your tailor. Skirts, dresses and shorts need to be the ideal length that works for your height and build. Too long and it looks like you are swimming in it, even if just an inch off. Achieve that polished, put together look with a well-tailored outfit.



When building a new wardrobe, or revamping your closet, investing in staple pieces you wear year-round (or close to it) is key. Spend a little more on jeans you wear often, well-fitting t-shirts for layering, a great jacket you can layer over every outfit. I have my favorite go-to jeans that I buy year after year. Same with blazers and t-shirts. Investing in these quality pieces you wear time and time again. Then in summer or winter, layer with seasonal pieces you love to update your wardrobe.



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, layer an outfit, how to style tips for women, Divine Style
7 Insider Tips from a Perosnal Stylist, how to layer for men, men's layering tips, Divine Style
Layering an outfit does not solely mean wearing a jacket or coat. Layers include shirts, scarves, coatigans, shirt jackets and more while varying the lengths of pieces you wear. Instead of a shirt with a vest and jeans for men, add a blazer over the shirt and then the vest on top. Or untuck shirt hem with a vest or sweater layered over top. For women a long cardigan or semi-sheer shirt layered over a fitted dress or jumpsuit is one way to layer. Pair a hip length button-up shirt with high-low hem (higher at sides, longer in front and rear) over a silk camisole with a skirt. The shirt can be worn unbuttoned or open or button it and belt it. Layer a coat draped over your shoulders over top a blazer with a sweater or shirt underneath. The point of layering an outfit it adding dimension or varying lengths of clothing which is interesting to the eye.



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, walk in style, women's must-have shoes, Divine Style
7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, walk in style, men's must-have shoes, Divine Style
Wearing good shoes is the world's best kept secret. You can truly transform an outfit solely based on the shoes. Polished, yes. Well-fitting (aka correct size), yes. On trend, yes. But shoes need to either be the WOW factor in an outfit, aka what people are looking at you wearing, or a stylish neutral pair that goes with everything!



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist,  dressing with head-to-toe style, divine style
Find signature pieces or styles that you gravitate towards wearing. These are your go-to items. Then add a few signature pieces to give your wardrobe pizzazz. A great dress that slips over your body and makes you feel fabulous. A sport coat, suit or pair of jeans that captures everyone's eye. A fabulous color that you always get compliments on, wear that! A great pair of glasses or belt that everyone notices, put that on! A closet filled with solid essentials that fit your lifestyle + signature pieces you feel fabulous wearing to achieve that effortless, modern look.



7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, accessorizing, divine style
7 Insider Tips from a Personal Stylist, finishing touches to an outfit, men's accessorizing, divine style
Having a stylish, elevated closet feels good, but the finishing touch is all in the accessories. We recommend having 1 statement belt, 1 neutral belt, a watch (or watches), signature sunglasses/reading glasses/eye glasses, cool jewelry, and a great bag. You don't have to own a lot, but quality pieces that speak to your personal style. For men a classic brown belt, a stylish suede belt, a pair of leather sneakers, chukka or chelsea boots, a statement watch, bead bracelets, print pocket squares or lapel pins, and signature sunglasses.