Do’s and Don’ts for Men’s Shorts

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From fit to style, kick back in this summer’s hottest men’s shorts trends. Length is key as is knowing what fabrics to wear and how to style your shorts to dress up this look to be trendy casual. Look stylish from dressy to casual, at the beach or an event in these men’s shorts trends.

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Five Types of Men’s Shorts


men's print outfit with shorts

Woven textures, shorts with sheen, and luxe fabrics dress up this shorts style. Go sock-less with drivers, oxfords or loafers.


men's turquoise shorts and white button down men's floral button down shirt and berry shorts 200 men's striped black and gray shorts 200

Casual shorts are laid back in fabric and style, perfect to wear for weekends or relaxing. Step up your style game in bold hues, such as turquoise, salmon, brick red, or green. Stripes, paisley, and plaid prints upgrade your look. Dress up these shorts with button down shirts, stylish graphic tee’s or trendy polo/v neck shirts.

Shorts Suits

men's lime green shorts suit 200 men's dress suit with shorts 200

For the fashion-forward offices or evening events, a shorts suit is a stylish option. Go bold with colored shorts styled with neutral blazers, a head-to-toe bright colored suit, or stay more balanced and suave in lighter colors.


men's ikat swimwear 200 men's hawaiian shorts and polo shirt 200

Men’s swim trunks or board shorts vary in style and length. While short shorts are trendy, stick with what works best for your body type and swim activities.

Sporty Luxe/Athleisure

men's jogger shorts 200

With the athleisure trend taking you from gym to weekend style, athletic shorts can be worn with a stylish v-neck t-shirt, a short sleeve button down or cuff a long sleeve button down shirt. Add slip on sneakers or boat shoes to complete your look.

Rules of Length

men's shorts lengths

In the past few years, the low-water-mark length of a 15-inch-or-so inseam changed to knee-length (11 inches), then a knee-baring 9 inches, then to a quadriceps-exposing 7 inches and on to the newly fashionable thigh-flaunting 5 inches. While the length of your shorts should depend on your height and body type, with leaner builds being able to wear shorter shorts, 9 inch shorts are a standard length suitable for most men. 5 to 7 inches are considered “short shorts” but beware of wearing 11 inch shorts or longer (unless your height requires it) as shorts that go below your knee cap give a frumpier, dated style.

Styling Your Shorts

men's light gray shorts and blue short sleeve button down 200 men's shorts with navy hoodie and white button down 200 men's shorts and field jacket 200

  • Layer Your Look
  • Add a blazer or field jacket
  • Go casual with flair in prints and colors.

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