Gentlemen: Modernizing the Checkered Shirt


It’s that time of year where checked shirts are everywhere.  Worn underneath a sport coat or paired with denim/khaki’s you want to separate yourself in the look.  If every other guy in the office or bar has on this shirt, no matter what color they are wearing…it doesn’t set you apart!   Add some pizzazz this season by pairing the checkered shirt with other prints to add depth to your look.  Switch the look to a checkered blazer with a v-neck t-shirt and pocket square.  Push the sleeves up for a trendier look or for a more formal style leave them long.  Contrasting patterns on the cuffs and neckline of the shirts give a trendy take on a classic style.

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Pairing your checkered shirt with bold colors gives it a sharp look.

Fresh Look with Blazers

Wendell Lissimore... Mens checkered blazer and white v neck t-shirt

Shirts with Style

Jared Lang          Plaid Blue Shirt

Divine Style DC