How To Style a Fur Vest

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Fur and Faux Fur Vests have become a hot trend.  The key to rocking this look in style is getting the proper fit, length, and color for your vest.  It should fit snug around your body versus hanging on you.  The vest should add visual appeal versus bulk.  The length of your vest is key in deciding what to wear with it.  Longer vests typically look best with fitted bottoms such as leggings, skinny denim, and pencil skirts.  Shorter vests you wear layered over a longer top to add contrast.

Go bold with color.  Layer a fur vest over a bright colored blouse in silk or chiffon.  Pair with leather leggings, skinny denim, or a pencil skirt.  Glam up your look by layering fabulous bracelets, cuffs and rings which draws your eye from your face and shoulders down to your waist.  This look can take you from a casual day outing to a night on the town by adding fabulous high heels or boots!

The contrast of a cream blouse to the mocha faux fur vest draws your eye.  Paired with a black bottom, black sunglasses, and gold/black jewelry ties the look together.

Daily Chic Faux Fur Vest

Wear a long vest with the same color pants creating a slimming look.

Get this look with CAbi's Fall '14 faux fur Infinite Vest, Serene Tee, or Allure Blouse, and Ponte Leggings.

Daily Chic Faux Fur Vest

Pair your fur vest with a maxi dress for a relaxed, elegant look.

Various colors in her fur vest make a statement against the bold burgundy colored dress.  Her jewelry highlights the gray tones in the vest.

Vest Looks Not to Replicate

This vest is overwhelming her and her look.  You want a vest to look stylish and enhance you not detract from you.

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