How To Style Flare Jeans

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Flared jeans may feel too ’70s to wear everyday—but like any item, it’s all in how you style it. Pair a lighter denim flare with a white T-shirt for a perfect weekend outfit.  Add a scarf or cropped blazer with chunky animal print loafers for trendy look. Top flared denim with a blazer & print silk blouse or long bow blouse for a nice alternative to your typical casual Friday look.  Dark flared denim give a dressier look that’s slimming while colored flares look chic this season.  Style with a fitted jacket, cropped sweater, or lace/silk top for a sleek look.  If wearing flares with a long length sweater or top make it closely fitted to the body to accentuate you.

Fit is key.  The length should skim the floor and be worn with high heels & boots.  Avoid a chunky shoe on the bottom since the leg line is larger.  A super high-waist gives a very 70’s feel versus a mid-rise which is more current.

flared-jeans-spring-trend-street-fashion-victoria-beckham-where-to-buy flared jeans in white with blue blouse flared jeans with fur jacket flared jeans with blazer

Casual, Weekend Vibes…

flared jeans with yellow jacket flared jeans with olive shirt flared jeans in black with white top and black lace

Evening Style…

flared jeans black with lace top flared jeans black with cream blouse flared jeans with animal print long sweater

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