Men’s Closet Design…Dressing In Style

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Gentlemen, from color choice to design style, your closets or dressing room should represent your personality & personal style, from tough & edgy to classic Neapolitan. No matter the size of your closets or space, things should be easily stored and accessible making getting dressed easier & more fluid.  Drawers, shelves, closet pulls, corner shelves, and racks can be fit to any size space and easily transform a closet to give your shoes, clothing, and accessories their own spot.  Make your closet your own masculine get away.

closet men's closet design closet design industrial rolling rack closet men's shoes with lights

Accessories make the outfit, so display them in accessible ways to not be forgotten.  Watches, ties, belts, bracelets, cuff links, scarves, and bow ties can be displayed in acrylic organizers, sized for each item, that can be pulled out on shelves or in drawers.  Have a visual reminder to accessorize in style.

closet design men's jeans and accessories closet accessory drawer closet accessory cd storage rack closet men's sunglasses and watches

The closet should be a clean, clutter-free space.  Belts & ties should be displayed in racks that can easily be pulled out and put away.

closet belt men's rack closet tie rack closets tie rack pull closet belt storage

Men’s Shoes are the key piece in a well put-together look.  From pull out drawers to shoe displays and shelves, group your shoes according to style, color, or occasion making your feet slip into something in style. Display shoes with the toe front or sides as these are the design details people see in your outfit helping make your shoe selection easier.

closet shoe drawers closet men's shoe storage closet men's shoe rack closet men's shoe display

Need to update your closet design or dressing area?  Divine Style offers custom closet organization & design + editing your wardrobe.  Let Divine Style make your space feel like a trendy, masculine version of you.  Contact Us for a styling consultation or quote.

2 Comments on “Men’s Closet Design…Dressing In Style”

  1. I’m 41 years old, from a retail background (20+ years)

    My clothing storage is under control, but I have lots of shoes. Now that I live in the Midwest, I’m growing a liking to cowboy boots.

    I really need a cool storage solution. I live a downtown loft, so I have lots of vertical space, but no walk in closet

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