Men’s Shoes for Business Casual to Weekend Ready

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From office ready to weekend cool, strut your stuff in these casual yet trendy shoes perfect to keep you comfortable yet stylish. Switch to cork or rubber lug soles for a fresh yet stylish look.

Change the fabrics of your shoes from a formal leather to a colorful suede, weave, or cork base. This is lighter feel instantly gives a casual cool vibe. Play with color both in the fabric or the sole of the shoes for a modern vibe. Grays, blues, burgundy are neutral colors that still make a style statement.

Soles Up

From cork to rubber lug soles, these stylish shoes keep your business casual to weekend jaunts stylish yet comfortable. Add some flare via a blue, yellow or green colored sole.

Suede to Woven

Choose a casual and on trend fabric such as a colored suede in gray, blue, red, or camel to add pep to your business casual look.

Cork and woven shoes add a modern style to your footwear.

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