Spring Men’s Style: Cuffed Pants & Denim

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Spring season’s nice weather tells men to showcase their ankles and footwear.  Whether you cuff your pants or wear a shorter  The bigger the cuff the more noticeable it is.  Typically an inch to an inch 1/2 is as thick as the cuff should be.  To create a seamless, trendy look press or iron the cuff of the pants so it lays flat against your leg.  This gives a smooth, finished style.

Shorten pant lengths for spring allowing a touch of ankle to show & stylish footwear.

Khaki Field Jacket, White Tee, Brick Chinos, and Tan Chukka Boots. Men's Spring Summer Fashion. Washed jeans and brown loafers. I hope this stays fresh forever.

Shop this look for $174:  http://lookastic.com/men/looks/red-jeans-and-walnut-brogues-and-brown-belt-and-white-longsleeve-shirt/578  ” Red Jeans  ” Walnut Leather Brogues  ” Brown Leather Belt  ” White Gingham Longsleeve Shirt Great pops of color.

The slimmer the pant or jeans, the skinnier the cuff.  A slim leg line showcases your footwear so pull out this season’s most stylish fashion sneakers, suede loafers & lace-ups and have fun with it.

He's pulling off a lot of difficult stuff here. Like a pro. | Raddest Looks On The Internet http://www.raddestlooks.net Style Snapshot: Cuffed Denim

Selvedge Denim, or denim finished with a clean edge and tightly woven to prevent unraveling, should be styled with 1 single cuff or a double cuff of about 1 inch folded twice.  The heavier the cuff, the heavier the footwear should be so think light for spring/summer season and thick for fall/winter.

I once heard there was a rule you shouldn't wear dress shoes with jeans. Worst rule ever. I LOVE this look.

From trendy, casual styles to more polished looks, cuffing your pants gives a look the fashion forward edge.

Green sweater, cuffed pants and white button down shirt with sunglasses.  Spring outfit. Men go Style

Ready to update your style for the season gentlemen?  Divine Style can shop for the perfect denim or pants for your build and show you how to style them for the season with cuffs or the proper length.  Contact Us to get started!

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