Beat the Heat in these Summer Essentials

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What to Wear in HOT WEATHER

Beat the Heat in these Summer Essentials to wear to the office or summer nights on the town. Be stylish yet cool with the fabrics you wear and how your layer pieces to not break a sweat yet ooze a modern vibe.

Weekend Vibes

Cinch a cotton dress at the waist with  movement below the waist, which adds allure while keeping cool. Linen jumpsuits are the perfect piece to cinch your style with a crisp, lightweight summer fabric.

Beat the Heat in these Summer Essentials, cotton dress, Derek Lam 10 Crosby green one shoulder cotton dress
Sizzling Summer Workwear

Add a touch of femininity and cool in a chiffon blouse paired with a linen or silk skirt. Linen pants look chic for summer with a lace blouse or layer with a linen blazer over your shoulder. Neutral tan goes with everything or opt for a bolder color, such as fiery red.

Beat the Heat in these Summer Essentials, sizzling summer workwear, linen blazer and white linen pants, lace top
Cool Collected Looks

Breathable fabrics are key to keep cool in the heat this summertime. Linen blends are hot to trot in t-shirts, button-downs or shorts and pants. Lighter colors keep you cool but make your outfit pop wearing colors such as pink or Nantucket red. Cotton-blend shirts elevate your style at the office in a button-up and look stylish with chino's, lightweight jeans, or trousers. Pair with breathable knit shoes or ones with venting to keep you cool.

Beat the Heat in these Summer Essentials, men's linen pants and cotton blend print button-down shirt

Linen Pants: Bonobos // Incotex // ETRO Linen Shirt: Massimo Alba // Michael Kors Cotton Shirts: Ralph Lauren // Hickey Freeman

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