How to Know Your Ideal Colors to Wear

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I get it. We all have our favorite colors we gravitate towards or wear frequently. But do those colors draw the eye to your face or are they so bold and/or muted on you that they overwhelm or underwhelm you? Knowing if you are a warm or cool tone person is great if you will be on camera, in photographs, … Read More

Holiday Party Gift Guides + Decor

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Holiday season is upon us. Be the belle of the ball or best invited guest to any holiday party or event with these gift suggestions. Instead of bringing the expected wine or flowers, cater your gift towards what your host or hostess truly enjoys. For wine connoisseurs, a wine tasting experience, chocolate pairings to go with wine or wine salts … Read More

Post-Pandemic Style Refresh

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As the country and world starts to open up, now is the time to think about your wardrobe, personal style, and what changes you want to make. Whether you might be heading back to the office, or ready to travel the world and attend life’s milestone events, how you dress as you “return to normal” might have changed. These 4 … Read More

4 Styling Tips to Make Summer Outfits Look Cool

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Summertime is here but do your outfits have the essential pieces to stay summertime cool? These 4 styling tips will get your dressed and looking your best this summer season.#1 Light & Breezy Styles dri-fit print short sleeve button downs take your look from daytime paired with shorts to evening with colored chino’s. Don’t break a sweat in this casual, … Read More

Spring Style Refresh

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SPRING INTO STYLE Living life at home to now being ready to go out, vacation, dine out and travel. It is the perfect time to revisit your wardrobe and your personal style. As you plan upcoming trips, vacations, get togethers,  weddings, and outings, give yourself confidence as you go out wearing new pieces for spring. A great top or casual … Read More

Spring Forward In Style

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Transition Your Style….Winter to Spring As temperatures fluctuate and start to warm up, it is time of year to Spring Forward In Style. Pack up that winter wardrobe and put it away till next year or next ski vacation with these simple tips to get your look ready for the spring season. Wearing spring colors is key ot transitioning your wardrobe … Read More

Getaway Checklist…A Packing List for Every Trip

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GETAWAY CHECKLISTS FOR TRAVEL As spring approaches and the temps warm up, it is the perfect time to think about upcoming vacations and getaways. While things may be a little different for travel, whether you want to jet set to Aspen or Vail for a ski week,  Tulum, Mexico and tropical destinations to heat things up, or to stay local … Read More

What’s Your 2021 Style Resolution?

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Refresh, Restart, Reboot in 2021 We know you have big plans for your closet and personal style this year! Divine Style is here to help you transform your style, organize your closet, and upgrade your wardrobe in 2021. Start the new year off right, making changes in how you get dressed each day and feel better with an organized closet … Read More

How to Transition Summer Pieces to Fall

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Wear Now…Wear Later Temperatures drop, pumpkin spice lattes are here….is your wardrobe ready? September often has cooler evenings with blazing heat during the day. Dressing for this can be a challenge. Dress to0 fall forward and you will break a sweat during the day but summer’s pants, shirts and dresses are too cool for when you head to work or … Read More

How to Zoom with Style and Look Your Best on Camera

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While things start to slowly open up across the U.S. (and abroad), working from home and being on Zoom video calls continues to be on the rise for our foreseeable future. Whether you Zoom for business meetings or personal, looking good on camera is key. Have you ever gotten dressed, thinking you look good in that shirt or outfit? Then … Read More