How to Wear Sequins this Holiday Season

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How to Wear Sequins for the Holidays, wearing sequins to work, sequin top and tweed blazer
Sequins at the Office

Look seasonally savvy in a sequin top layered over a silk or chiffon blouse. Add a tweed, leather, or suede blazer and a statement necklace to tie together this look. Perfectly polished yet stylish and modern.

A knee-length sequin pencil skirt gives a stylish twist paired with a silk blouse or top. Pair a waist length blazer to be fashion-forward yet pulled together. Too long of a blazer overwhelms the look while short skirts or cropped blazer are not office appropriate.

How to Wear Sequins for the Holidays, sequins at the office, sequin pencil skirt
How to Wear Sequins for the Holiday Season, daytime sequins outfit, graphic tee and sequin pants
Daytime Chic in Sequins

Sequins are a girls best friend in daytime, perfect for brunch, shopping, museum visits, fancy lunches and more. Avoid the obvious ways to wear instead pairing the unexpected combination of a graphic tee and sequin print pants. 

Sequin pants are the perfect layering backdrop for a fun tee, fabulous chunky knit sweater, or gorgeous blouse. Adding a blazer or cute jacket polishes the look without being "done". Wearing statement earrings gives head-to-toe style dressing up the full outfit.

How to Wear Sequins for the Holidays, sequin jumpsuit, Sienna Miller
Unexpected Evening Attire

Be bold in how you style sequins for evening events. Skip the expected sequin dress instead choosing a sequin/beaded jumpsuit. Opt for a bold, rich color such as emerald green, merlot, or navy.

Be daring wearing sequin beaded shorts. Drape a maxi coat over your look to truly stand out. Layering textures give this outfit a luxurious feel.

How to Wear Sequins for the Holidays

Give your look a modern twist with glitz & glam holiday accessories to be seasonally stylish.

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