Luxury Layering

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The art of luxury layering is stylish, intentional and well-planned. From jackets or coats to scarves, belting, vests and more all in how you put a look together. There is a big difference between intentionally choosing a fashionably jacket or coat vs. wearing the same black, gray, ivory coat you always wear. Luxury layering is both a combination of wearing outerwear paired with knits and textures that creates a dynamic look. Layering is done with multiple pieces such as a long sheer shirt paired over a leather dress with or a thin knit sweater under a vest with a scarf for men. It is the combination of pieces worn together (minimum of 3 pieces) + styling them. Draping scarves, belting coats, French tucking sweaters or shirts, belting maxi dresses or blouses at the waist are just a few. This gives that polished "styled" look to an outfit, both for men and women.
Luxury Layering, women's winter layering, women's winter outfit with scarf

Luxury layering gives a woman that polished "finished" look. Head-to-toe style in how you put together pieces with varying lengths and how you layer pieces. Layering starts with a foundation or base piece(s). This can be a great maxi dress, chic skirt and blouse, or leather leggings and a statement sweater as your foundation to your outfit. Once you have the base, now add layers of various lengths + belts, scarves, and hats which all add dimension or interest to an outfit. We love having a variety of layering pieces in your closet, such as a leather long trench coat, a long vest, a cropped down jacket and leather jacket in a neutral or bold color.

Luxury of Layering, how to layer for men, men's winter layered outfit
Whether living in a cool climate or traveling to one, there are 3 jacket styles every man should have in his closet. A field jacket in rich colors of olive, indigo blue, gray or sand color, a shirt jacket or safari jacket belted, and a bomber jacket in wool, silk or wool/silk blend. Have 3-4 jacket styles to rotate in your outfits in various colors (not just black, navy or gray).
Be stylishly dressed all season long with these essentials in your closet for men and women.

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