Men’s Style Tricks to Hide Figure Flaws

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Steal these sneaky strategies to dress slimmer and hide figure flaws while looking stylish and fashionable in menswear. Get your style on point with these men’s style tricks for figure flaws.

Hide Body Flaws with Small Prints…Camouflaging the problem area with patterns can definitely work. But you have to choose patterns carefully. Small- or medium-scale patterns in the same or complimentary color families deceive the eye and look fashionable. Consistency in the print is key so eyes absorb the whole print versus focusing on certain areas (tummy, chest, arms) which can be a problem. Think gray-and-black plaids, or small blue checks, dots, paisley on a darker blue background. Leave shirts untucked for a more fashion forward style that is forgiving.

men's print button down shirt men's print shirt men's suit with belt and print shirt

Layer Your Look…which can hide problem areas but adding dimension. Chunky knits distract your tummy or man boobs while layering with a vest, jacket, and shirt underneath. This is also a more stylish look for men which catches someone’s eye with your look versus figure flaws.

men's gray jacket and sweater Men's fall layers brick red pants and plaid jacket with sweater men's brown leather coat and burgundy vest and pants

Find the Right Fit… baggy or too large clothing (shirts, baggy pants or jeans) adds weight to your frame in an unflattering way. Too-tight clothing can be just as unsightly (and revealing). Get pieces tailored to your body or shop with a friend (or a stylist…Divine Style) who can show you what fit looks best on you and where/how shirts, pants, and jackets sit on your frame.

Minimize the Color Contrast…A dark shirt worn with khaki or gray pants cuts you in half at the waist, making you look shorter and wider. Dark denim and pants are most slimming but keep your look and colors consistent through out for a slimming and more stylish look. Head-to-toe monochromatic dressing can be as slimming as it is elegant.

men's dark denim mens' gray sweater and pants

Slim Down with Pinstripes…Most suits are naturally slimming because their uniform color and texture, particularly darker fabrics. Pinstripe suits create an unbroken vertical line from neck to toe which is slimming. Narrow pinstripes do this most which is best for huskier guys while larger or multi-sized pinstripes can enlarge the look of the frame for slimmer guys. Suits with large patterns, such as glen plaids and windowpane suits are add girth.

men's pinstriped suit and white shirt men's pinstriped suit and print shirt gray pinstripe suit

Shop the Look:

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Ready to upgrade your style and learn what works best for your body gentlemen? Check out Divine Style’s men’s styling services where we can customize your styling for any needs.

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