Pink…Wearing this ‘IT’ Color in a Modern Way

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Pink...Wearing the 'IT' Color in a Modern Way, Divine Style

While a pink sport coat and pink button down shirt have been classic staples in men's closets for years, this spring is taking a new twist on wearing pink for men and ladies. From light shades of pink to rich purple/pink tones to vibrant deep hues this season is all about wearing pink in fresh, modern ways. From the colors you choose to how you style various shades of pink, we love the vibrant, fresh look pink has this season.

Layering shades or tones of pink can be done with what you own in your closet. They key is keeping it in the same tone meaning very bright pink tones (think neon or barbie pink) are best layered with other bright shades of pink while cool tones of pink (think pale pink or purple shades of pink such as Wisteria) all layer well together as they are in the same color family. One easy way to layer pink is holding pink shirts, blazers, dresses and sweaters together to see if it visually looks good to your eye.

Shades of Pink

Pink...Wearing this 'IT' Color in a Modern Way, pink sweater and pink skirt outfit, wearing shades of pink

Tonal dressing, wearing differing shades of a color such as pink, gives a modern twist on wearing classic pink.Wear a deeper shade of pink on the top to draw eyes to your face. A chunky knit sweater paired with a maxi skirt or tailored trousers is one idea. For men, a deep pink sweater with a medium to light pink shirt or a light pink jacket with a deep pink shirt are two outfit ideas.

Pink + Purple

Pink...Wearing this 'IT' Color in a Modern Way, pink + purple outfit, men's pink and purple outfit

PInk...Wearing the 'IT' Color in a Modern Way, men's pink and purple outfit

Make a statement in this stylish color combination. Wow them intermixing shades of pink with purple. Pink and purple are similar colors that blend easily together. Vibrant pink pairs well with deep purple and lighter shades of pink pairs well with lavender and soft shades of purple.

Wearing Pink in Prints

Pink...Wearing the 'IT' Color in a Modern Way, wearing shades of pink in prints, women's pink sweater with print maxi skir

Wearing pink in print shirts, skirts, dresses or pants incorporates this season's IT color in a vibrant way. Layering shades of pink gives an eye-catching contrast while pairing prints in the same color tone is modern yet not as bold. For guys, layer pink print shirts with a purple sportcoat or jacket for an easy outfit combination. Ladies can layer a pink print dress or skirt with a pink blazer or blouse. Neutral shoes or add a pop of pink in the heels or your handbag to tie together your outfit.

We challenge you to wear pink in a modern way this season. Pink is the perfect color to wear season after season, from pink shirts, jackets, dresses, and more. Shop our favorite pink clothes, shoes, and accessories for men and women on LTK.

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