Re-Energize Your Wardrobe with Bold Accessories


Incorporating bold colors into your wardrobe doesn’t have to end with dresses, pants, skirts, shorts or tees. Go all-the-way and fuse vibrant patterns or colors into your footwear. Pairing your little black dress with a shoe in cobalt blue, canary yellow, emerald green or hot pink, adds an instant punch of pizzazz without being overdone.   Bold colored footwear amps up the style of print dresses or solids so don’t be afraid to play with color!

   bright shoes look

Rules to consider when adding touches of color are:

1. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with a pop of color.   Go for a contrasting color to make a statement or stay in the color family for a more subtle style.

 print shoe 

Missoni                  Guess

Rule to break when adding touches of color is: 

1. Matching your bag to your shoes. This is a style rule that’s tried but not necessarily true. Intermix colors that contrast or in the same family but varying shades (example emerald green with lime green).  Consider pairing a floral sandal with a solid color handbag instead.   

orange heel pink heel

Jimmy Choo             Kate Spade

 Here’s to making your look SIZZLE from head to toe!


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by Guest Blogger Nichole Williamson