Shoe Hacks…How to Stretch Your Shoes

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Make Your Feet Look & Feel Good in Shoes


Shoe Hack…How to Stretch Your Shoes

We've all been there. Bought a new pair of shoes that you love but they KILL your feet when you put them on. Take to cobbler to have shoes stretched is the ideal but these 3 tips will make your shoes feel better on your feet.

Tip 1: Ziploc Bag

Put ziploc back filled with water into toe box. Place the shoes with the ziploc bag of water in the freezer for 24 hours. When you take the shoes out of the freezer the toe box will be expanded due to the pressure from the ice. You can repeat and do this as many times as you need to to get your desired width.

Shoe Hack…How to Stretch Your Shoes, ice in shoes
Tip 2: Thick Socks & Blow Dryer

Put on a extremely thick pair of socks. Think winter wool warm socks. Place the socks on your foot. Put the shoes you wish to stretch on your foot. Blast with heated hair dryer. This heats up the leather and stretches it out. Works but not as well as the ziploc bag and ice trick #1.

Shoe Hack…How to Stretch Your Shoes, thick socks + blow dryer heat stretch shoes
Tip 3: Shoe Stretching Gadget

Purchase a shoe stretching gadget. These come in a variety of brands and sizes. Place inside the shoe. Crank the handle which stretches the shoe. As much as you can crank it depends on how much the shoe will stretch, either in the heel, toe, or for bunions. You can buy on Amazon for men or women. Check that you are purchasing for your size foot or shoe.

Shoe Hack…How to Stretch Your Shoes, shoe stretcher, women's high heel stretcher

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