Sock Rules: Fashion Do’s & Don’ts For Men

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These style tips for what to wear and what not to do for shoes & socks will keep any gentleman looking trendy & stylish on the streets.

Fashion Don’t is wearing trouser socks with shorts.  This look gives an outdated, older man’s style.  Ankles are meant to be exposed showcasing your shoes when wearing shorts.  Wear a footie sock if necessary.

michael douglas socks fashion do and don't man wearing trouser socks and shorts fashion do and don't socks

Fashion Do wear loafers or drivers with shorts.  Buy breathable drivers in suede, microfiber or vegan leather or genuine leather.  Synthetic leather doesn’t breathe.  Swims brand carries breathable loafers & drivers with mesh &ventilation gills.

fashion do and don't shorts with yellow loafers fashion do and don't shorts with blazers and loafers fashion do and don't navy suit with red drivers 

Fashion Don’t is wearing socks with sandals.  Sandals are meant to expose your feet giving a casual, vibe.

fashion do and don't socks with sandals

Fashion Do go sockless, from business looks in dress pants, to casual outings in chino’s or athleisure wear.

men's loafers showing ankles

Fashion Don’t wearing white socks outside of sporting activities.  Apart from activities where you’re going to generate a lot of sweat, white socks are a big no-no.

fashion do and don't wearing white socks with shorts fashion do and don't white socks with jeans

fashion do and don't white socks with suit

Fashion Do wear print or patterned socks for a modern style.

 print socks with gray suit print socks print socks with blue sock

Shop these fashionable looks:

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8 Comments on “Sock Rules: Fashion Do’s & Don’ts For Men”

    1. To each their own, but no white socks should not be worn with jeans unless they are sport socks and worn with sneakers which is stated in the blog post.

  1. Hello, awesome tips. I agree, I like socks mostly in winter or with trousers in general, but always thought we shouldn’t have to wear them all the time, especially with shorts and light low cut shoes, which is why I like loafers, being them a kind of shoe for all outfits (can an “all one boy” say that word? I’d say yes and confidently, as it’s practical and descriptive 😉 kidding), not overly fancy when dressy and dressier and classier with more casual wear, comfy to wear both with and without socks and can be liberating to lose them once it’s warm enough.
    But I confess once in a while I like to wear ankle socks (those halfway between peds and crews) with loafers and socks, but more like an accessory and to show some color, though I know it’s sort of “wrong” isn’t it ;)?
    Very sorry I have to say I partially agree with the above comment on white socks, although not on the tone he/she used though, as I think it pairs very nicely with the suit you posted, or this but that’s because it matches the dress shirt and I really like how socks coodinate with wrists, but I rarely do that and usually prefer to match my shoes and socks :), sometimes the same color, brown on brown and black on black, but sometimes warm crimson, dark purple or red with brown, for example. I admit it’s safer and more easily flattering than white, though as it gives the leg more continuity, white can be pulled off as I don’t believe in absolute in fashion but it’s very much trickier.

    1. As a stylist for men, I’m very aware of what is on trend in terms of men’s shoes and socks. Because you might see something on a runway, does not translate to what regular men wear. Editorial and runway styling is very different FYI.

    1. It is on trend to go sockless. This does depend on the occassion, i.e. white tie (most formal) you should not be sockless.

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