5 Things A Man Should Never Wear

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Every man’s style is different but adhere to these 5 Things A Man Should Never Wear to stay stylish and current.  These rules are not about comfort, but when you look at someone do you see comfort or style…

Cargo Shorts…These shorts are unflattering and add bulk to your frame.  Instead opt for dri-fit shorts for golf, beach, and outdoor events or flat front, slim fit chino’s shorts.

cargo shorts  men's shorts men's short with sweater

Man Sandals, Teva’s, and Crocs…Teva’s are strappy and very unflattering footwear.  Crocs are meant for children and are plastic which should never be worn.  Men should wear a stylish leather flip flop for events or a rubber Havaiana’s style flop for the beach/pool

man wearing crocs men wearing leather fliip flops

Ugg Boots…Not only does this brand represent in-humane treatment of animals to de-skin them but the boots are large, clunky and not stylish.  Instead opt for cowboy boots, lace-up or brogue boots.

ugg boots men's boots

Wife Beaters & Tank Tops…Tank tops are meant for the gym or possibly for little boys.  As an adult you should have upgraded your style to a fitted t-shirt or a graphic tee (not a gym logo or sports team t-shirt but an artistic saying or print).

men's tank top men's graphic tshirt white with black men's v neck tshirt

Jorts… Jean shorts are solidly a NO.  The cuffed look, raw edges or worse short shorts should not grace men’s legs.  Instead wear jeans in summer.  Lightweight fabrics like cotton twill make denim breathable yet sleek.

men's jean shorts men's summer denim

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