How Hiring a Stylist Gets You a Fresh Look for Fall

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How Hiring a Stylist Gets You a Fresh Look for Fall, Fall Closet Edit

As the temperature changes and we head into fall, it is the perfect time for a fresh new look. Whether you’ve been wearing the same pieces & styles for years, you are feeling drab and don’t know what your look needs, are unsure of what works well for your body type and coloring, or just want a fresh look for the season…hiring a stylist saves you time & money getting your look on point.

Image Assessment

Start with an image assessment where Divine Style reviews your current looks for work, weekend, casual, and evening events sharing tips to modernize your look. First impressions are HUGE, so learn what your personal style says about you. We review best silhouettes and styles to wear to get your look on point for the fall season.

Closet Edit

Divine Style goes through your closet reviewing your current wardrobe, the proper fit and style that suits your body type, and what to keep, donate, consign, or save for later date. We merchandise your closet, organizing everything to be easily accessible to make getting dressed a breeze. You’ll learn key outfit ideas for fall based on what you own + shopping list of key pieces to add to your wardrobe for the fall season.

Personal Shopping

Together we create a shopping list of key looks you want to achieve or signature pieces to purchase for fall.

Shop with Divine Style where we have pre-pulled clothing, shoes, accessories for you to try on in boutiques and stores. You’ll meet store owners, enjoy a beverage or snack while trying on clothing. We show you how to style pieces and ways to intermix items with what you own to create signature looks for fall.

A private fitting in the comfort of your home or office…Divine Style shops for you bringing clothing, shoes, and accessories to try on, all within your budget. We style outfits for you as you try on pieces in your home while you listen to music, sip beverages and enjoy snacks. Feel luxurious as we take the stress out of shopping.

In-Home Style Session

You’ve learned what the proper fit for denim, pants, skirts, dresses, and tops. With your new fall pieces purchased, we create a variety of outfits at your in-home style session: dinners, evening events, weekend getaways, office attire and more. We review the outfit suggestions and how you can intermix various pieces to create multiple looks.

All outfits are photographed and you receive a digital lookbook plus style notes reviewing outfit concepts with style tips.

Let Divine Style help make you Fall Fashion Savvy with our styling services. Check out our client’s new styles and read reviews here. Contact Us to get your style transformation started.

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