Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints

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Spring prints are fun, playful and can be totally outrageous styled in the right way. Follow these guidelines to make your spring prints flattering and trendy.

Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, Blair Eadie print on print Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, intermixing prints

Print on Print

Go for bold wearing a print on print style. A trendy way to do this is to swap colors. Go retro with polka dots, pairing a black based shirt with white dots with a white based skirt with black dots. Contrasting colors is an easy way to make pairing prints easy. Pair stripes with plaid or floral. Wear one bolder print with a smaller print to ensure the prints do not overwhelm you. Stripes, polka dots, and plaid are easy to intermix in sizes and colors.

Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints

Color Palette

When pairing two different patterns opt for one bolder print + one “neutral” print from the same color palette. A neutral print is usually basic print such as thin stripes or small polka dots. Wear the neutral print in a color from the same color palette, or an under tone of a color from your bold print to keep your look from stylish and chic.

Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, full figure spring prints Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, striped skirt and floral top

Figure Flattering

The key to making prints figure flattering is not to wear prints that are bigger than your fist. The taller you are, the bigger the print you can wear. Petite women want to look for smaller prints and fuller figure women should wear medium-sized prints accentuating your features without overtly drawing the eye. Large prints can overwhelm the body and detract from your features.

Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, spring prints stripes and floral Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, stripe jacket, floral dress Inspiring Ways to Wear Spring Prints, full figure women wearing stripes


Stripes are a must-have spring print. For petite women horizontal stripes look chic styled with floral and other prints. Regular and full-figured women, horizontal stripes give an illusion of added weight which no one wants. Wear smaller stripes if it is horizontal or opt for vertical stripes which make all body types look taller and slimmer. Vertical stripes give you the body you’ve always wanted keeping you chic and springy.

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*This fashion blog is written by Megan Marine.


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