New Year, New You, New Style

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Kick off the New Year with a stylish update. Whether you set health, weight loss, creative or personal goals, how you look and feel establishes a positive baseline for life. With these style tips and tweaks re-fresh your style for 2016.

 layered necklaces necklace layers with denim jacket necklace layers white sweater

Update Your Accessories…jewelry can easily give your outfit a dated look. Simply changing out your pieces or adding a few new ones each season helps give your look a fresh, current style. Layering necklaces gives any look a new vibe. Style 2-3 necklaces of varying lengths (16-18″ shorter necklace plus 24-28″ between the breasts necklace with one longer necklace of 30-36″). Intermix styles of necklaces with mixed metals for a trendy look. Earring styles change in shape and size so add new pairs this season.

Ditch The Dated Footwear…ragged shoes with heels worn down or a tarnished toes have got to go. Take your shoes to a shoe repair guy, polish them or buy new.

burgundy coat gray jacket red jacket

Layer Your Look…with a coat that fits. Walk into a room and people see your jacket style first but are you wrapped up in style? Opt for a bold color and interesting design details such as a draped neckline, zippers, feathers, or studs. You can stay without a bulky jacket. Opt for a slimmer fit that accentuates your frame and add an interesting scarf or belt.

romantic meets edgy black preppy and edgy

Own Your Personal Style…learn what works well for your body type and lifestyle and wear that well. Trends fade but having a signature style makes it fun to get dressed every day and putting together pieces with panache. Need help defining your style? Divine Style does one-on-one in-home, at the office, or in store styling sessions, teaching you what styles, colors, and prints you gravitate towards and how to put together outfits and accessorize best to create your individual style.

New Year, New Style…XOXO

Divine Style

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