New Year Style Challenge

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Give Your Wardrobe A Boost with the Style Challenge

Start the new year off right, updating your day-to-day look and style, participating in Divine Style's 4 week New Year Style Challenge. Each week we give you a style challenge or style tip to incorporate into your wardrobe. Take a photo or video of your outfit each day and tag us on social media Instagram @_divinestyle_ or Facebook @divinestyle1 and #NewYearStyleChallenge. We will share your pictures and give you feedback. Participate in all 4 weeks of style challenges, sharing your outfits, for the opportunity to win a styling session with Divine Style!

New Year Style Challenge, accessorizing, women's accessories, personal style challengeNew Year Style Challenge, accessorizing, men's accessories, personal style challenge, men's style challenge
Week 1 Style Challenge: Accessorizing

Think outside the box when accessorizing your outfit each day. Choose accessories you don't normally wear or stretch your personal style by trying something new. The key is to do it DIFFERENT. For men,

New Year Style Challenge, wear new colors and prints, women's colorful wardrobeNew Year Style Challenge, wear new colors and print clothing, men's color wardrobe
Week 2 Style Challenge: Wear New Colors & Prints

This week we challenge you to wear colors and prints that are outside of your typical shades. If your go to's are black, navy, gray then intersperse with a few bolder colors you enjoy such as green, yellow, purple or red for example. If you consistently wear bold colors then this week style with print blouses, shirts, dresses or even print socks gentlemen. Change it up wearing pastels as an option. The goal is to see how you challenge yourself to dress differently each day. TAG US in your photos on Instagram @_divinestyle_ or Facebook @divinestyle1 and use #NewYearStyleChallenge.

New Year Style Challenge, vary the silhouette, sit or style of clothing, women's style challengeNew Year Style Challenge, men's style challenge, vary fit and cut of clothing
Week 3 Style Challenge: Vary the Silhouettes, Fit, or Style of Clothing

Feel like you are on repeat wearing the same style outfit every day? Your grab and go looks are easy but not eye-catching. We challenge you to switch it up, varying the styles or silhouettes each day. For men, if a blazer, shirt and pants is your go-to, layer a puffer vest over top or switch the shirt to a thin or chunky knit sweater. Ladies, if day to day you wear jeans, leggings or pants, this week try wearing skirts or dresses. Anything to do it DIFFERENT. TAG US in your photos on Instagram @_divinestyle_ or Facebook @divinestyle1 and use #NewYearStyleChallenge.

New Year Style Challenge, Layer your outfit, women's fashion style challengeNew Year Style Challenge, layer your outfit style challenge, men's fashion challenge
Week 4 Style Challenge: Layer Outfits

This week's challenge isn't simply about adding a jacket or scarf to your outfit. We encourage your to layer your outfits in new ways each day. This can be different coat or blazer styles each day but also simple as shirts and blouses layered under sweater or vests with the hem and cuffs out. Long cardigans over pencil skirts and blouses belting the waist. Layer it DIFFERENT from your usual style. TAG US in your photos on Instagram @_divinestyle_ or Facebook @divinestyle1 and use #NewYearStyleChallenge.

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