The Ultimate Women’s Shoe Guide

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Keep your shoe style up-to-date with these style tips in the ultimate women’s shoe guide. Be fashionable in how you wear your shoes to look stylish from head-to-toe. This ultimate shoe guide tells you what not to do with shoes and style tips for how to wear high heels, boots, wedges, flats and more well.


Shoes can date your style, making you look bottom or foot heavy. While black is the most common color of footwear, any deep color draws your eye downward to your feet. The style goal is to have eyes sweep from your face and neckline to your feet and back up again. Dark, heavy shoes brings your eye down staying there.

Pencil dress love this so much so classy but with my pale skin I think it would wash me out find more women fashion ideas on

Style Goal: Skin Tone High-Heels, Sandals or Flats are a great neutral to keep eyes on your outfit and elongate your look.

Dark flats, wedges, and kitten heels, typically worn for work, tend to be somber and dating. Solid consistent colors are uninteresting to the eye.


Style Goal: Opt for shoes with texture, like animal skin or suede, or embellishment, such as buckles, studs, or contrast stitching which brings interest to your shoes.

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Overly embellished shoes look cheap and heavy on your feet. While embellishment adds some flair, be selective in the amount and placement.

Deck the halls - and your feet::  

Style Goal: Intermix textures and colors with minimal embellishment to stay on trend.

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Strappy flats and sandals can be stylishly done or over the top. Ensure that the straps rest on your ankles or don’t go more than 1/4 of the way up towards your knees or it will over-take your look. While you want people to notice your shoes, your footwear shouldn’t be brash and over-done. Too many straps, particularly in thigh-high boots can look over done and cheap.

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Style Goal: Opt for light straps, nothing shiny or super thick. A thinner strap makes your foot slimmer and the design easier for the eye to take in. Tie the laces so they fit snugly around your ankles but not too tight.

For more looks at stylish women’s footwear, follow Divine Style’s Pinterest fabulous women’s footwear board.

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