How to Know Your Ideal Colors to Wear

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How to Know Your Ideal Colors to Wear, Divine Style, personal stylist, warm vs. cool colors

I get it. We all have our favorite colors we gravitate towards or wear frequently. But do those colors draw the eye to your face or are they so bold and/or muted on you that they overwhelm or underwhelm you? Knowing if you are a warm or cool tone person is great if you will be on camera, in photographs, or speaking to people (from cocktail bars to networking or in the office) as wearing the warm or cool tone that is ideal for you brings the eyes to your face...exactly what we want!

How to Wear Your Ideal Colors to Wear, warm vs. cool colors, what are warm colors
How to Wear Your Ideal Colors to Wear, warm vs. cool colors, what are cool colors
Warm vs. Cool Colors

Warm colors are based in red, orange and yellow. Cool colors are based in blue, green and violet. Every color can be mixed with other colors making it a warm or cool tone. For example, cobalt blue is a warm tone that is heavily saturated, i.e. bold. Similar to candy apple red or fire truck red. Bold colors are not all warm colors and pastels or lighter colors are not necessarily cool colors. It depends on the base of the color (red/orange/yellow equals warm) vs. (blue/green/violet equals cool).

Color Test

Standing in front of a mirror hold a shirt, sweater or top in a warm color by your face. Close your eyes for 10 seconds which refreshes your short term memory. Open your eyes and see where your eyes go. Do your eyes go straight to the color (shirt, top or sweater) or to your face which means it is your ideal color to wear.

Knowing your ideal colors and how to wear them or incorporate those colors into outfits is key to looking your best and innately getting compliments. Go beyond the basics of warm vs. cool learning your specific ideal colors like cool summer or warm winter with our styling consultation where we deep dive into your colors and show you the how/why behind what works for you. Put your best look forward in the right colors. Click below to learn more.


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